90 Day Limited Warranty

90 Day Limited Warranty

What is covered by the 90 day limited warranty?

  • Subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty, AWE Acquisition, Inc. warrants that this Product will be free of any defect in materials and workmanship under normal use during the ninety (90) day period following retail purchase by the initial user (the “Warranty Period”)
  • Any defect in materials or workmanship must be discovered and reported to AWE Acquisition, Inc. within the Warranty Period or it will not be covered by this warranty. You may not transfer the warranty and no one but you is benefited by it
  • This is the only express warranty made by AWE Acquisition, Inc. and is in lieu of any (if any) others concerning this Product

What is not covered?

  • Damage resulting from abnormal use
  • Modifications by you of the Product
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Any defect resulting from abuse, misuse, accident
  • Failure to follow Product instructions
  • Problems caused by maintenance or repair of the Product by anyone other than AWE Acquisition, Inc. or a AWE Acquisition, Inc. designated party

What do you have to do to place a warranty claim?

  • To request warranty service, you must: email images of the Product along with a short but specific description of the alleged defect. Contact our Support Team to register your claim
  • AWE Acquisition, Inc. will not provide coverage under this warranty unless you comply with all terms

What will AWE Acquisition, Inc. do?

  • During the Warranty Period AWE Acquisition, Inc. will perform any repair or replacement that is covered by this warranty without charge to you
  • If AWE Acquisition, Inc. does not confirm the alleged defect, AWE Acquisition, Inc. will inform you of the estimated fee for repair efforts. There is no charge for this estimate

NOTE: Avoid playing the Product at high volume levels. Some studies have concluded that prolonged and extensive exposure to noise in excess of 85dB may impair hearing.