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Informal Learning Beyond the Classroom

February 9, 2017
Informal learning describes education that is much less organized and takes place outside of the classroom setting. These environments can include libraries, museums, online communities, child care centers, and other organizations.

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Third Grade Reading Marks Literacy Skill Development

January 26, 2017
Third grade is considered a critical turning point for early childhood learning. After young learners gain early literacy and language development skills, their learning ability increases for all STREAM subjects.

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Family Engagement Leads to Early Childhood Success

January 12, 2017
Family engagement is about the knowledge, values, and actions that enable children to be successful learners. For schools and libraries, family engagement refers to meaningful partnerships with parents that provide the opportunity to be active in the learning and development of their children.

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Professional Development: Educating Educators

December 28, 2016
As academic standards evolve, curricula are revised, and digital learning resources are integrated, it is important for educators to develop their teaching skills via professional development. With limited time available, educators face the need to balance professional development with what will be most helpful for their students to excel.

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Friend or Foe: Social Media in the Classroom

December 15, 2016
Among adults and children alike, social media is a ubiquitous part of life throughout the world. Educators are particularly focused on how to manage the daily use of social media by young learners, as well as the possibilities it presents in terms of in-classroom learning or library programming.

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A Customized Education through Personalized Learning

December 1, 2016
The incorporation of personalized learning strategies offers unique opportunities for early childhood development. Personalized learning allows teachers to assess students’ strengths and needs to create learning plans that are aligned to their interests. It also focuses on academic standards to cater to the needs of each young learner in the classroom.

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Authentic Learning: Real-World Scenarios for Young Learners

November 10, 2016
Young learners are often known to ask, “why do I need to know this?” or ”when will I ever use this?” If students are unaware of how a topic is relevant to their life, they are less inclined to focus and absorb the lesson. With the incorporation of digital learning technology, authentic learning has become an increasingly popular instructional strategy.

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November 2016 – Reading Ideas and Printables for Your Library

November 3, 2016
Our November newsletter features fun and engaging resources with a Fall theme, including printable activities for young learners, administrative support guides, and creative ways to incorporate your AWE Learning solutions into your programming.

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Coding Resources Can Improve Your Makerspace

October 27, 2016
When it comes to early literacy, the opportunity for young learners to gain experience with coding has increased exponentially. Coding makes it possible to develop the computer software, apps, and websites that young learners will continue to use with increasing frequency. Increased exposure to these basic skills, even at an early age, can help children understand the technological world they inhabit.

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Multicultural Literacy Improves Early Childhood Development

October 13, 2016
As a collective group, our perceptions of reality and even our literacy skills develop from the environment to which we are exposed, and the experiences that we have. As young learners mature, they are exposed to a considerable amount of literature.

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Reading Aloud Helps Young Learners Develop a Love of Literacy

September 29, 2016
Do you read aloud to your child? To your class? To your library visitors? Research has shown that reading aloud to young learners has a variety of positive benefits, including but not limited to increased language development, academic success, strengthened parent-child relationships and a long term love for reading.

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August 2016 – Literacy in the News, Back to School Resources, & a Special Promotion

In August of 2016, we put together the “greatest hits” of reports and relevant early literacy news in the past few weeks, along with a history lesson (and quiz) on public libraries, some fun back-to-school resources for your young learners, and much more.

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May 2016 – Early Literacy, A Letter from Our President, & More

Our inaugural newsletter and blog post includes an introductory letter from our President, Deborah Sorgi, some fun activities for spring and summer, a look at AWE Learning’s exclusive Customer Portal tool, and much more.

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