Blog – Literacy in the News – August 2016

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Learning and Literacy in the News

We want to keep you informed of news and updates in the world of early literacy and digital learning. Here are a few relevant reports and articles from the last few weeks:

Blog Literacy

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Introducing AWE Learning Advocates

AWE Learning Advocates are long-time users of our workstations, who provide feedback, testing, and evaluations of our products in development. Charter members include:

  • Executive Director for Bernardsville Public Library, NJ
  • Technical Services Coordinator for Eastern Oklahoma District Library System, OK
  • Director for Round Lake Library, NY
  • Youth Services Coordinator for Burlington County Library System, NJ
  • Children’s Librarian for Huntington Beach Library, CA
  • IT Systems Manager for Mobile Public Library, AL

If you’re interested in joining our Advocates group, contact us to learn more!

A “Back to School” History Lesson

In honor of August as “Back to School” month, here’s a crash course in the history of libraries, and a crossword puzzle quiz to test what you’ve learned!

1638: Harvard University established the first academic library with a donation of 400 books.
1835: New York established the first school library – open to both students and the general public.
1848: The first public library was established in Boston, making it the first free municipal library supported by taxpayer funds.
1876: American Library Association (ALA) was established.
1932: University of Chicago established the first graduate school library.
1991: Periodicals went online helping libraries to control costs and manage the size of their collections.
2009: The library system in Orange County, Florida became the first to offer catalogues accessible by mobile devices.

Library Resources

Download and print these fun, educational materials to get your young learners ready for back to school!

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