Resources to Avoid the COVID Slide – We’re Here to Help!

Posted April 16, 2020 – AWE Learning Staff
Don’t let your young learners suffer from the COVID slide. Are you thinking, what is the COVID slide? You have probably heard the term summer slide, the loss in knowledge and skills learned when the formal learning that takes place during the school year ends. With schools being closed due to the COVID-19 virus, the new term COVID slide has developed. The COVID slide refers to the projected academic impacts that COVID-19 has from school closures.

The current situation has impacted the shutdown of at least 124,000 United States public and private schools, which educate approximately 55.1 million students. The list of closures through the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year is increasing daily. While remote learning is taking place across the country, it is inevitable that we will see academic loss in students. Preliminary COVID slide projects that students will return to the classroom in fall 2020 with an estimated 70% of the learning gains in reading, and only 50% of the learning gains in math, relative to a typical school year.

We understand that this is certainly a challenging time. Whether you’re balancing work from home life and homeschooling your early learners, making sure technology works for a successful remote learning environment for your child, or just trying to keep your children busy, we’re here to help! Don’t let your young learners become victims of the COVID slide. Keep your children occupied, and most importantly learning.

Below are some FREE resources to help keep your young learners growing academically:

  • ELF™ Child-Safe Browser: Our ELF™ Child-Safe Browser allows children to safely explore carefully selected and highly engaging learning activities on the internet. ELF is included on all AWE Learning workstations and is also available for purchase through an annual subscription. Click here to download ELF™ today for a FREE 30-Day Trial!
  • Writing & Self Reflection Lesson Plan: We’ve created a lesson plan for you to practice writing and self-reflection with your young learners. The lesson plan includes suggested ELF links, worksheets, and more.
  • Printables: We have an entire library of FREE printables for you to print and use. Worksheets include writing prompts, alphabet tracing, addition and subtraction practice, sight words, and so much more. Keep checking back to this page as we’re adding new worksheets weekly!

We’re here to help you keep your early learners on the right path and growing academically! Share pictures of your early learners taking part in remote learning by using #AWELearning. While times are challenging, we love to see students learning in their home classrooms.


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