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Early childhood learning – for families of all sizes and backgrounds – extends beyond the classroom. School readiness, homework help, family engagement, and skill building are all important parts of early childhood development that occur outside the formal school environment. The development of literacy skills at an early age will set a child up for success later in their academic and professional careers.

AWE Learning is committed to supporting these programs and organizations by providing the premier digital learning and early literacy solutions available in the United States and Canada. We serve Head Start programs, After School facilities, and Child Care organizations, in addition to public libraries. Our specially-tailored solutions focus on early literacy, supplemental learning, and even homework help by providing developmentally appropriate content that reinforces classroom skills. Available in an All-in-One workstation or a mobile tablet, AWE Learning solutions are the perfect resource for any organization that is dedicated to early childhood learning and development.

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  • Ages 2-8
  • Focus on core early development
  • Adaptable to all learning styles
  • Perfect for literacy skill building
  • Ages 6-12
  • Custom utilization statistics
  • STREAM-focused blended learning
  • Perfect for enrichment and homework help
  • Classroom-style Learning
  • Personalized Education Plans
  • Correlated to academic standards
  • Perfect for remediation and reinforcement


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Examples of Titles from AWE Learning Solutions

  BBC Science

 Conduct a series of virtual experiments involving both natural and physical sciences.  AfterSchool Edge

 ClueFinders 3rd and 4th Grade Adventures

 Go on an adventure by following clues and solving problems based on math, reading, science, and geography.  Early Literacy Station

 Science Express

 Learn about how and where animals live. Dig into the world of physical science and explore the natural world.  Student Learning Center

 Return to Mechania

 Learn basic principles of mechnical engineering and put that knowledge to practical use.  AfterSchool Edge

 Math Doodles

 Count money, tell time, learn fractions, and solve problems with this engaging, inventive math program. Even algebra is covered!  All Products

 World of Goo

 Solve an increasingly more difficult set of challenges with constructions of ‘goo’. Engage in simple physics.  Early Literacy Station & AfterSchool Edge

 ELFTM Child-Safe Browser

 Kid-friendly websites such as Spark Chess, Lego Games, and Building Detroit.  All Products

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