Early Literacy Station TM


AWE Learning is proud to announce we are a Platinum Award Recipient in the 2018 and 2019 Modern Library Awards from LibraryWorks!

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The Early Literacy Station™ (ELS) is designed specifically for your youngest patrons ages 2-8 and features over 4,000 localized learning activities. The fun, interactive and engaging content spans all seven curricular areas: math, science & nature, social studies & geography, reading, art & music, writing & computer skills, and reference. The ELS is available in English, Bilingual Spanish, and Bilingual French.

Studies show that the integration of blended learning into early childhood education can increase literacy, improve school readiness, and prepare young learners for curriculum that is based on STREAM and STEM. The Early Literacy Station™ from AWE Learning creates an easy-to-use, single learning solution for young learners of all ages to build their literacy skills. The ELS also helps to establish the local public library as a critical resource for community learning – especially those that have developed makerspaces.

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The software, titles, and content available on the Early Literacy Station are carefully chosen based on a number of weighted characteristics, including educational efficacy, age appropriateness, engagement quotient, and overall breadth of academic experience.

Take a moment to explore the titles available on the newest version from AWE Learning.

early literacy station

Early Literacy Station Features

  • Ages 2-8: Created specifically for young learners!
  • Award-winning content: Providing hours of education and fun!
  • 70+ Software titles: Over 4,000 learning activities
  • – English, Bilingual Spanish, & Bilingual French Content List
  • Correlated content: Aligned to STEM/STREAM and correlated to academic standards
  • Safe environment: Self-contained learning solution keeps children away from unwarranted websites and content
    • Engaging and fun! Full of child-friendly images, sounds, songs & videos
    • Utilization statistics: AWE Learning’s unique Customer Portal allows you to easily view utilization statistics for any given time period
    • Easy to use! As a plug-and-play solution, the product is ready for use out of the box!
    • Ideal for all learning styles: Auditory, visual, tactile & kinesthetic learners
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Early Literacy Station Hardware

AWE ELS AIO Hardware

All-In-One Details

An all-in-one touchscreen computer.

Dimensions: H: 14.2” W: 19.5” D: 3.6”

Screen: 20-inch multi-touch display with built-in speakers

Keyboard & Mouse: Child friendly keyboard and child-size mouse

Warranty: 3 years with 1-2 year extensions available

AWE ELS Tablet Hardware

Tablet Details

A tablet computer, our full ELS on the go.

Screen Size: 10.1 inch multi-touch display

Tablet Dimensions: H: 6.7″ W: 10.2″ D: 0.5″ / 1.8 lbs.

Battery Life: Up to 8 hours

Warranty: 2 years, with accidental damage warranty available

How do we select the content for the Early Literacy Station? Find out here.