ELF™ Child-Safe Browser

A safe & secure educational web browser
for children of all ages.

Education = Learning + Fun

Increase the number of learning activities available to your young learners.

The ELF Child-Safe Browser allows children to safely explore carefully selected and highly engaging learning activities on the internet. With ELF, children can only visit enabled education sites on a secure network managed by AWE Learning. The content control software also provides you the ability to add or remove websites for your users to access.

The ELF Child-Safe Browser can be accessed from an AWE Learning networked workstation or downloaded onto any desktop Windows computer. 

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ELF Child-Safe Browser Features

  • More content! Access hundreds of AWE Learning  selected web-based learning activities
  • Selective websites: Recommended by ALA, Children’s Technology Review and more!
  • Variety of activities: Age appropriate content covering all curricular areas
  • Easy to navigate interface: All content sorted by subject area
  • Customize: Add/Remove sites of your choice
  • Safe: No access to advertisements on AWE Learning selected websites
  • Utilization statistics: See what enabled websites are being used by patrons
  • Easy to navigate: ELF background is identical to ELS/Edge interface
  • Personalize: Add your library’s name or tagline!
  • Share! Provide patrons the link to access the ELF child-safe browser from home