What You Should Know About Grants

You can’t venture into the complex world of grant-making without a plan. At AWE Learning, our solution was to hire an experienced grant professional to help our library clients who want to acquire our educational technology products but face budgetary constraints.

So we hired John Paterna, who has extensive experience in all facets of grant development and has raised upwards of twenty-five million dollars for school districts, universities, hospitals, and a host of nonprofit organizations. We offer his services at no cost to help secure grant funding for your library.

While John is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of grant development and our educational technology products, he won’t know much about your library. That’s where you come in! Under his guidance, he will lead you through a systematic information gathering process that will produce a compelling portrait of your library and a very strong grant proposal.

The grant proposal will be an attractive “hook” to potential funders. It will create a simple, yet powerful proposition: With the acquisition of AWE Learning educational technology products, your library will enhance its role as a hub of community services. Children will use educational technology, to learn and grow, and their families will inevitably explore additional library services. In our experience, this approach leads to successful grant funding.

If your library employs a grant writer or someone who is familiar with grant writing, that is even better! Working with John, this collaboration will improve the quality of your proposal and the probability that you will win a grant award.

We started this instructional essay with a caveat: You can’t venture into the complex world of grant-making without a plan. Work with John, and he will help develop your plan.

Our educational products are in 47% of public libraries nationwide, because they produce results. Let us help you acquire our products – even when your budget won’t let you.

If you have any questions or want to get started, complete the form on the right, or contact John directly at 610-833-6400, ext. 411 or e-mail him at paternaj@awelearning.com.

“AWE Learning’s grant writing services were highly instrumental in assisting our library to acquire its very first children’s computers. It is truly wonderful that this company provides a means for libraries to gain this educational & entertaining product. Thank you for your outstanding customer service!”
– Sarah McIntyre, North Fork Library, CA

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    Our grant writing services are offered exclusively to 501(c)(3) organizations. Please confirm above that your organization, or Friends Group is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, organization. You will be required to provide your EIN number during your conversation with our Grants Writer.
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