AWE Learning Customer Portal

AWE Learning’s Customer Portal

AWE Learning’s Customer Portal

Track usage of your AWE Learning workstations and more. 

The AWE Learning Customer Portal provides you with extensive reporting and useful information in connection to your AWE Learning workstations. The Customer Portal is a great resource to track usage in order to demonstrate the return on investment to your library, as well as an easy way to pull statistics for grant purposes.

You can access the AWE Learning Customer Portal from any internet enabled device, or directly from the AWE Learning workstation’s Administrative Control Panel.

Customer Portal Features

  • Utilization statistics:
    • View workstation and location usage:
      • By day, week, or month or custom filter
    • Application Comparison Report
      • Check what applications are most popular
    • Application Usage by Student Report*
    • Student Interest Report*
    • Student Progress (by Application or Subject Area)*
    • System Usage by Student*
    • Application Usage by Subject Area*
  • Account status:
    • Create/Edit accounts to access the Customer Portal
    • Create/Edit location & contact information
    • View account status, purchased products and hardware serial numbers
    • Check the current warranty status of each workstation
  • Software updates:
    • Stay current with any software updates released by AWE Learning, these can be download and installed via a USB thumb drive
    • AWE Learning releases updates throughout the year and we always recommend checking that you are running the latest version
    • Download support documentation for your workstations
  • ELF™ Child-Safe Browser:
    • Control what websites patrons have access to
      • AWE Learning provides over 80+ educational safe-list links, keeping children protected online
      • Add additional websites or subscription services to ELF™
    • Install the ELF™ browser on all computers at your library
      • Customize the organizations logo and tagline
    • Send library patrons download links for ELF™ for home use
      • Review requests for ELF™ downloads
    • View ELF™ usage reporting and see what websites users are visiting
  • Personalized Education Plans (PEPs)*:
    • Edit what content all users, or a specific grade level or group of students have access to on your workstation
  • Upload usage statistics:
    • If your workstations are not connected to the Internet you can track usage by manually exporting the stats to a USB thumb drive and uploading to the Customer Portal
  • Supplementary children’s activities:
    • Download and print PDF activities for your patrons

*Only available on AfterSchool Edge™ products.