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Digital learning tools for pre-school and elementary school age children.

AWE Learning is committed to early literacy for young learners. The acronym “AWE” originally meant Advanced Workstations in Education, but as our company has progressed, we have grown more focused on comprehensive, holistic learning rather than only technology. As such, though the acronym is still part of our name, we are simply known as AWE Learning.

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Working on a Makerspace? Already have one?

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A safe digital learning experience for young learners.

AWE Learning’s workstations help to immerse children in an extremely rich environment. We do this through engaging content, reliable & low maintenance technology, and an easy to navigate administration system. We help to improve literacy and school readiness by aligning our content with school curriculum, along with STREAM learning / STEM learning principles. In today’s public libraries, the newest technology and makerspace environments are helping young learners develop into tomorrow’s innovators. AWE Learning workstations transform your library into the primary resource for early literacy in your community. Join us in inspiring discovery and preparing lives – request a customized demo today.

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  • Curated age-specific content:
    – Early Literacy Station: Ages 2-8
    – AfterSchool Edge: Ages 6-12
  • Over 4,000 pre-loaded award-winning learning activities
  • Support early literacy
  • STEM/STREAM aligned content
  • Safe learning environment
  • Utilization statistics easily accessible
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Located in over 47% of libraries in the U.S.
  • Increase circulation at your library with AWE Learning’s workstation

Our mission is to inspire an enthusiasm for learning by supporting school readiness and literacy in the community.