AWE Learning’s Advocates Group

The mission of the AWE Learning Advocates Group is to give our customers a voice and empower passionate leaders in the public library space. The AWE Learning Advocates are a select group of innovative librarians and media specialists proficient in implementing digital literacy programs for early childhood education. Advocates help model the use of AWE Learning products by incorporating our tools in their libraries and sharing their experiences with peers throughout the United States and Canada.

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 Advocates_Gloria Farmer  

Gloria Farmer

Eastern Oklahoma District Library System
Oklahoma, United States

Being the administrator for a library system that has multiple units in 15 libraries, I will say that I appreciate the durability of the units. To have so many units and have such low maintenance over the years on them makes my job a lot easier.


Tina Hager

Betty Foster Public Library / Lake Dallas Public Library
Texas, United States

Our two AWE computers are used every time any children come into the library. They are like kid magnets. One thing that I like to show parents is the index that breaks down each learning application by age group and category.

 Advocates_Jennifer Hurd

Jennifer Hurd

Round Lake Library
New York, United States

Our ELS units are always in use. Kids gravitate towards them and parents love that they can browse the library and not worry about what their child is doing online. It also provides an introduction to the technology that they are being exposed to at school as welll as providing key early literacy skills to even the youngest user.


Christina Nemphos

Burlington County Library System
New Jersey, United States

I have had only positive feedback and interactions with children and caregivers on using the AWE Early Literacy computers. They make learning fun. We have families come to the library just to use them.


Melissa Ronning

Huntington Beach Library
California, United States

I love being able to recommend the AWE computers to our parents with pre-school aged children. The content is great, and we rarely have empty stations during our high traffic times.