Makerspaces in the Library

Makerspaces in the Library


Makerspaces can also be known as “hackerspaces”, “FabLabs”, or a number of other monikers. When it comes to public libraries, and especially for young learners, makerspaces are ideal for the development of tactile skills and cognitive problem solving skills. While makerspaces can obviously vary by size, shape, and subject, the focus is usually on STEM (aka “STEAM”, aka “STREAM”) programming for public libraries. This means tools, games, and digital programming that revolve around construction, coding, 3D printing, and most importantly, digital literacy. That’s where AWE Learning’s workstations and tablets come in, as ideal makerspace resources that provide interactive, engaging ways for young learners to practice digital skills in a safe environment.

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More than 50% of surveyed makerspaces have laptops and computers as part of their setup. 3D printers and everyday crafting materials are also common aspects of makerspaces in public libraries. The Early Literacy StationTM (ages 2-8) and the AfterSchool EdgeTM (ages 6-12) are available in all-in-one workstations and tablet formats and provide the perfect complement to your library’s makerspace.
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Examples of Titles from AWE Learning Solutions

  BBC Science

 Conduct a series of virtual experiments involving both natural and physical sciences.  AfterSchool Edge

 ClueFinders 3rd and 4th Grade Adventures

 Go on an adventure by following clues and solving problems based on math, reading, science, and geography.  Early Literacy Station

 Return to Mechania

 Learn basic principles of mechnical engineering and put that knowledge to practical use.  AfterSchool Edge

 Space and Universe

 Land the lunar module, explore the stars in a virtual planetarium, and enjoy all things outerspace in this outrageously robust title.  Early Literacy Station

 World of Goo

 Solve an increasingly more difficult set of challenges with constructions of ‘goo’. Engage in simple physics.  Early Literacy Station & AfterSchool Edge

 ELFTM Child-Safe Browser

 Kid-friendly websites such as Spark Chess, Lego Games, and Building Detroit.  Early Literacy Station & AfterSchool Edge

Other Makerspace Resources for Public Libraries

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